Language Structures

9th grade


Part I

Rainer Willke (15) is a student at the International School of Bremen (ISB).

Students of all nationalities learn at this school. Lessons are held in English.

 Among themselves, the students often speak English, too. When Rainer spent

some weeks in an international summer camp in the United States last year, he

sent a lot of e-mails from America to his friends at ISB. Here, you can read

one of them.


24 words are missing in the following text. Read the text and fill in the 24 gaps.

Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning [0].


Hi friends,

You asked me to write more about the activities in our camp.

As you know, the International Students Summer Camp in Peaceville brings together

young people [0] from… all over the world. It is a place where people of different

nationalities live and work together peacefully.

Our programme is full [1] …………… activities. During the day we do our project

work and meet in the clubs. [2] …………… the evenings we can watch theatre plays

or discuss different problems with special guests. We can do sports or be creative in

the ceramics or woodworking groups. [3] …………… is something for everyone.

Three days [4] ……………, we went on an adventure trip. We explored the national park

and at night we had a huge campfire. Someone suggested singing traditional songs of

our countries. I am not a great singer and became quite excited when it was my turn. I

[5] …………… Das Wandern ist des Müllers Lust”. The first verse was no problem,

[6] …………… I stopped in the middle of the second one, because I [7] ……………

forgotten the words. I felt terrible! But then Rosalita, a Mexican girl, helped me. She

plays [8] …………… guitar really well and has a beautiful voice. [9] ……………

Rosalita noticed that I had a problem, she started playing her song at once, so nobody

laughed at me. That was really sweet of her.

I [10] ……………also joined the photo club. Now I walk around in the camp every

day, take photos [11] …………… the students who work on their projects and collect

information for the camp magazine. It is never boring. And - can you imagine - I [12]

…………… not miss my TV!

I am sending you some photos of my new friends and myself.

Here I am with Sven from Sweden. He is [13] …………… excellent football player and

very popular with the girls. Sven has promised to visit [14] …………… in Bremen in the

autumn holidays.

The boy [15] …………… is wearing the funny hat is Jack from Denver, Colorado. He

writes fantasy stories - the [16] …………… exciting ones I have ever read. This is Mai

Ling from China. We work together in the Healthy Food Project. She cooks better [17]

…………… my mum, and she speaks [18] …………… languages – Chinese, English,

Spanish and French.

These photos [19] …………… taken during the adventure trip. The countryside is great,

isn’t [20] ……………? The man in the uniform is Ted, one of the park rangers.

He [21] …………… born in Canada and has [22] …………… working as a ranger in

American national parks for over 20 years.

Here we [23] …………… practising for the big cultural festival next weekend. I am sure

this [24] …………… be a great thing. Just eight more days before we leave! See you soon!




Part II

The young people in the International Students Camp are talking:


Read what they say and tick the correct word or phrase which is missing in each sentence.

There is an example at the beginning [0].


0 Rosalita Rainer … buy a souvenir for his parents, but he still hasn’t got an idea what.

A wants to                B likes to                      C will

1. Martin During the adventure trip, I fell off a rock and broke my leg.

They had to … me to hospital.

A take                          B bring                         C put

2. Sven Linda, you shouldn’t … these heavy boxes. Let me do it for you.

A carry                         B wear                         C get up

3. Ted This national park was … in 1968.

A found                        B founded                     C grounded

4. Rainer When you are at home, do you … TV every day, Pablo?

A watch                       B see                           C look

5. Mai Ling Rainer, can you get some more rice for the soup, please? It’s over … .

A their                          B they’re                      C there

6. Jack Listening to Rosalita’s songs always makes me … .

A lucky                         B happy                        C sadly

7. Rainer ‘One’ is the best … in the German school system. What about the system in

China, Mai Ling?

A note                          B notice                        C mark

8. Martin I … a mountain bike for my 15th birthday. Now I can’t ride it because of my

broken leg.

A became                     B got                            C had

9. Rosalita Mike says this book is very interesting, but I don’t agree with his … .

A meaning                    B opinion                      C saying

10. Sven We can organize our cultural programme in different … .

A arts                           B kinds                         C ways

11. Ted Silke has lost her camera. Let’s all … it.

A look for                     B look at                       C look after

12. Jack I sometimes … my homework in the school library.

A make                        B do                             C have


Part III

Martin, a boy from Rainer’s group, speaks English quite well, but finds some

words difficult to pronounce because of the word stress. Can you help him?


Underline the stressed syllable in each word. There is an example atthe beginning [0].


0 conversation

1. address                     7. important

2. article                       8. interesting

3. cassette                    9. museum

4. character                  10. police

5. hotel                                     11. promise

6. idea                          12. welcome



Creative Writing


PLAN is an international organisation which supports 13,277 children living

throughout Africa, America and large areas of Asia. Life is extremely hard for

these children: they have to work every day, their water is dirty and they have

little to eat. Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all is that they do not get enough

education. If these children could learn enough, it would help them to escape

from poverty forever. That's why PLAN organises sponsorships with German

schools to help these children financially. As a result, schools often exchange

letters and photos with "their" child.

This is a letter Mohamed Mahmoud Hussein wrote to a German school.


Dear partners, hello,


I'm from Egypt. I send you my best regards. I hope you are fine and happy.

We are a family of four. My mother is a housewife and my father is a

worker. My brother Sameth was born on 4/11/99.

I'm doing fine in the 1st secondary grade. I like learning and later I want

 to become an engineer.

I learn that you are from Germany which is famous for car industry and

modern technology. I don't know much about your country and I really

want to know more about it.

I hope one day you'll visit us in Egypt.



Yours Mohamed.


Answer this letter. Include two of the following topics in your answer and write about

them. Your letter should have at least 150 words.

1. My school and what I am learning for.

2. The region I live in and what it is famous for.

3. Living as a teenager in Germany - what does that mean ?


Reading Comprehension


On the TV series Star Trek, George Takei played Sulu, the calm chief navigator on the

Starship Enterprise. Surprisingly, in real life, Takei is much less calm.

“I’m a political animal,” says Takei, who is not only interested in the Japanese-American

community theater in Los Angeles, but also in the enormous transportation system in that


What best prepared Takei, who turns 57 this month, for his political activism were his

experiences as a young boy growing up in Los Angeles. In 1942, he and his parents,

relatives and neighbors – all of Japanese origin, many of them American citizens – were

sent to internment camps for the rest of the Second World War.

“The internment was one of the darkest aspects in our country’s history,” Takei says.

Although the United States was also at war with Germany and Italy, only Japanese

Americans were sent to the camps. “Just those who looked different,” Takei said.

“In this country we believe in fairness to all people, but there were no charges, no trial.

They just put us together.”

Takei’s 1994 book To the Stars describes his family’s experiences. He believes his interest

today in politics comes from the belief he shared with his father that people have to be active

so that the system can work.

Takei, who has never been married, is still active. His latest passion is the re-development

of an area in downtown Los Angeles that was once the center of the Japanese-American

community. A theater company to which he belongs, the East West Players, is changing

 a church into a theater for the group. Another downtown building that Takei helped to save

from demolition used to be a Buddhist temple. “There’s a lot of Japanese history there,” he

says. “I went there as a child. It became the place where the people were taken together before

they were sent to the internment camp. During the war, it served as a storeroom for Japanese

families’ valuable belongings.”

While Takei speaks passionately about keeping Japanese-American culture, he is just as passionate

about his acting career.


A True or false or not in the text?

True False Not in the text




No information

Takei is not only interested in his career as an actor in Star Trek.




He came to the USA with his family during the Second World War.




He never left his hometown Los Angeles.





During the war, German, Italian and Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps.




George Takei plays a role in the reconstruction of a former Japanese- American area in downtown Los Angeles.




The actors from Star Trek are all good friends.






B Cross the correct answers. Be careful, there can be more than one.

1 George Takei

a) was 57 when the article was printed

b) is 57

c) was 56 when the article was printed.

2 He as well as his father

a) is interested in politics

b) wants to change something for the better

c) is interested in the reconstruction of a Buddhist temple.

3 A Buddhist temple in Los Angeles

a) was the community church he went to when he was young

b) was changed into a theater for the East West Players

c) was used by Japanese Americans during the Second World War.

C Cross the most appropriate headline for the text.

____    The star of Star Trek

____    Takei in Los Angeles

____    The situation of Japanese Americans today

____    War experiences

____    George Takei – the political animal