Estonia, Paide

Dear Chris,

            Thanks for the greetings and the postcard you sent me. It was really nice.
            You know, I went to festival last week. It was International Children music Festival „Earth is our shared home”. It took place in Russia, Yekaterinburg and it was unforgettable.
            At first, we went there by train – 3 days. We got there on my birthday and the Italians, who were in the same floor with us in hotel, congratulated me. It was very touching, because I barely knew them. 
            On first festival day was an opening concert. The most memorable performance gave Italy, USA and Russia. Next day Estonians had two concerts – first one 50 km out from Yekaterinburg and second was in Yekaterinburg ’s Philharmonic concert hall. But we were late about 20 minutes to the second concert, because we weren’t allowed to leave from the column. You know, we went everywhere with police escort (I felt myself so V.I.P then.)!
            On third and last day we had big gala-concert. The preparation for this was meticulous. We went to the concert hall in the morning, but gala took place 6 pm. So we had microphone tests and we practiced gala opening and final dances. You can watch the gala-concert in the Internet too ( if you like.
            This festival’s best parts were final gala-concert and disco after it. We got there a lot of friends.
            On fourth day we had two excursions: one in the Yekaterinburg and one to the European-Asian border. In the midnight we started to come back – also 3 days.
            This festival is organized after every 2 years. It would be perfect, if we could go back there.
            So how about you? Have you been any trip recently? I look forward to your letter.

All the best,